One weekend, not so long ago, ended up being a gracefilled one for me.
Girl time, hubby time, quiet time, toddler time, walking time, listening time, spicy food time, tea time, laughter time.
All grace.
You see, i felt after a situation that week like i deserved to be punished. That i wasn’t worth being used coz i muffed up in an area i am usually gifted in.
Nice sharp pointy arrow got through the gap in my defenses.
And God stepped in, and grace/loved up on me, bit by bit, until i couldnt help but feel it overwhelming me.
I am loved. I am blessed.
I am highly flavored, as i usually quip, coz i like to experiment with flavors.
But in all honesty, i am highly favored.
God has decided to pour out His grace over and over on me.
On you too, as i always am able to keep in my mind.
And today, i am able to step back and see the awesome grace He directed my way again.
A gracefull heart responding 🙂

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