There are days when I feel that I have not done or said or brought anything of value to God, and some days when I feel like that about everyone.  Those days where you see no value in yourself.

Bringing that feeling to God can radically shift your view.

Eyes open to see new ways of impacting.

Doing a kindness for a coworker even if it may put you off track, as they aren’t feeling well and need a hand, then do what you have to to catch up without complaining.

Smiling at a baby.

Opening the door for a stroller, person with a lot of bags, or in fact, anyone behind you.

Listening to someone share a deep hurt, without judging.

Reviewing school work with your kids for their 1008th test.

An encouraging word.

A just because card or gift.

The gift of your presence.

All these things, which may seem like a little, mean a great deal to the receiver. Sometimes its the little things that are done to and for us that help us see how blessed we are, and that God is still using us, even though the rest of the day may go terribly.

Little is much when God’s in it.

If you haven’t listened to the song on my previous entry, please do.
If you, like me, are one of the broken, so-called losers, failures, may it give you the comfort that when we open ourselves to Him, God will use us.

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