There is nothing quite like finding yourself lost.
I was a young teen the first time I became lost. My family and my cousins’ headed to see the Tall Ships, and us kids were thrilled to get our Talk Ship Passports stamped and autographed down at the Barbour that day. 
Somehow, while waiting for one such stamp, the rest of the family, all nine of them, moved on beyond my sight.
That moment of sheer terror almost took my breath away.
After a few minutes of panicked searching, I made my way to the nearest info sign, and asked for help. A very kind police officer took me to the lost and found area, within about 10 minutes.
It was about an hour later before I was reunited with the family.
Like the movie “Home Alone”, everyone thought I was with someone else, and so it took them longer to realize I was missing.

The next time was a case of broken telephone. Somehow, my parents dropped me and a friend off at a his baseball game, and both sets of parents thought the other was picking  us up. After waiting about half an hour, we headed to the nearest Neighborhood Watch home, and ended up drive home by the police.

Both times, I experienced a temporary panic, figured out what to do, then acted upon it.

Are you feeling the overwhelming panic of being lost? Are you waiting for someone to notice you are missing?

You are not alone. He has been watching out for you to return, and has made the path known for you to do so.

Like the prodigal son, the Father is longing for His children, those who feel lost to find their way home.

He delights in those who are lost being found.

Just as my parents were when I was lost, and then found.

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