why write cont…

“I write because I must.
It’s not a choice or a pastime,
it’s an unyeilding calling
and my passion.”
― Elizabeth Reyes

Words are important to me.
I try to use them wisely.
Listen at least twice as often as I speak.
Edit and re-edit my written words
Practice annunciating and breathing phrasing when I sing
Capture an image that perfectly fits what I am trying to say.

Born this way.

Like any talent or craft, it takes time. Effort. Study.

That’s right. Reading well written books in different styles. Seeing how authors shape their pieces, string along a concept or idea until it takes the intended form.

Its work.

Most of us who write do it not for a pay cheque, but follow the flow of the burning desire to create, until its next ebbing at low tide.

The book that has influenced me the most has been and still is the Bible.

Such an originally designed, team executed record of God’s love for humanity.

No other book is like it.

The originality lies its message as much as its structure. The language nuances of Hebrew & Greek add depth upon closer inspection.

But more than those reasons, the Bible is living. It is a book that tell is the Word, Jesus is God. And fully human. And living.

Life implies change, newness, alive.

God’s Word, the Bible, is the record of how God spoke the world into being, created all, and chose to walk with us. After we broke faith and tried the forbidden bounty, God still looked out for those who trusted in Him: Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Esther, Moses, Paul, Peter, Ruth…. He still wants the heart of those alive today.

A living word, spoken over you and I, and those who have believed and gone to heaven before us.

The pages that caught my attention lately? Jesus.

He is and was and always will be the Word.

He created me to communicate. And out of my love for Him, and in appreciation I ask Him to help me use the gifts He has given me for His glory.

May His words flow as He directs them through this vessel.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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