selfie snapshot

I am, like most of you, very hard on myself.

I notice my flaws, review my mistakes and beat myself up. Most of the time I do such a good job that I don’t need any help from outside sources.

I am no different than most of you that way.

I have been learning to love myself.
To celebrate my positive characteristics. To accept a kind word of praise for a job well done. To forgive myself when I slip up and stop dwelling on the have nots.

Here are ten things I like about being me today. Not particularly deep and in random order, just as they flow out of my head through my fingers!

1. I like my hair short.
I do. As beautiful as long hair is, it’s not me.  I have gone against my own preference when my daughter asked me to grow it, or my hair dressers have encouraged me to keep it longer, but its not me. The longest I like it is a just below my ears bob.


2. I like my overall looks.
I like my sky/water blue eyes, my freckles, my lack of tan, my reddish undertones to my blondness. I like my smile, my hands & my feet.
I like that I look good in my favorite colors…natural earth based shades (tans, blues, greens, grays, browns) and my especially fave, teal.
I like my build. Being a bit on the taller side gives me a unique view point in crowds and buses!
I like my glasses. They help me see the world more clearly.

3. I like silver, jeans and rediscovered i like scarves.
I am not a gold girl. Never have been. I prefer jeans over dress pants or sweatpants. I like to feel good in what I wear, and a bit creatively matchy with it.

4. I like that I am musical.
I love to sing, and play many instruments. I love to listen to CDs and live bands, I love to sing along, I love to perform solos or with groups, I love to worship.


5. I like that i am usually cheerful. I enjoy my life, warts & all, and my companions along the way. I am thankful for the many blessings God has given me.

6. I am like that i’m creative and good with social media & communicating.
Facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in, pinterest, bitstrips, WordPress, Apple or Android. I probably like it and have used it or am using it either personally or professionally. I have edited several books, helped with marketing and web updating, write daily and love to blog. There is always something to learn about, which keeps me from being bored easily.


7. I love tea.
I love the warmth, the comfort, the soothing side to this many varieties delight in my life. I love vanilla, mint, caramel, cherries, chai, coconut, rooibos, oolong, green, decaf black. Tea is one of the things I do for me. I am raising tea lovers as well as have converted most of my friends from coffee. My hubby and I like to have tea together at home for a let’s relax date.

8. I love to Nordic Pole Walk, and going to Boot Camp. Really.
Those are two things I never figured I would ever so even a few years ago. But I love them both. I like the freedom and excellent benefits of Nordic pole walking, but love the push myself to the limits thrill of making it through a boot camp. I still love to swim, play volleyball and bike, but these two are my preferred fave exercises.

9. I like to read.
I am an avid reader. Most days I read an entire book. Besides my bible reading, emails, tweets and work related reading. Probably 200-400 pages a day for fun. I do retain most of what I read on terms of concepts and overall story/plots. I usually reread all the Jane (Austen) & Narnia (C.S.Lewis) books each year. I am thankful for my e-reader for taking up less space and causing less body strain with all my reading! I read a variety of book types depending on my mood or needs.

10. I like my home.
I really do. I don’t like how cluttered and messy it can get, but there are few things I like more than relaxing in my own home. I like the color scheme of my main areas. I like my sofa, writing desk, lime metal chairs, my bed… I don’t just love it and appreciate it, I like it as well. I like that it is welcoming, cozy and comfy.  Traits that are important to me. I don’t like big spaces, so my home fits me perfectly!

What so you like about you?
Take a few minutes to like up on yourself, and feel free to share a trait or something you like about YOU!

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

2 thoughts on “selfie snapshot

  1. When I needed to make friend with the changing me as I age, I took my camera and went crazy with it making the silliest faces I could and taking all kind of selfie angles. I still struggle sometimes to recognize this face I wear as me but having allowed myself to not only see myself in crazy faces but made a collage and posted the crazy selfies, I am much more at east with my looks in public.


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