shifting the atmosphere


I learned a lesson today that I needed to be reminded of again, for the umpteeth time.

I only learned about it late last spring, at a training seminar I attended.

Shifting the atmosphere.

Sounds kinda new agey, I know, but its anything but.

Let me try to explain.

Ever walk into a place and the hair stands up on the back of your neck but you aren’t too sure why?

Do you ever feel slimed after a meeting with someone?

You have encountered their atmosphere.

And just liked with weather patterns, they can be stormy, rainy, dreary and down right nasty.

The kind of atmospheres I am talking about are the ones we encounter in other people.

One of my loved ones came home that same weekend right after the seminar in a foul mood. Stomping, slamming cupboards, huffing and puffing- all that negative energy was looking for an audience to partner with it.

I didn’t give it one, this time.

God gives us the ability to use our spiritual armor to keep out what He doesn’t want us partnering with. Tantrums, screaming, swearing don’t reflect honoring or respectful behavior….so don’t align yourself with it and by doing so, acknowledge or validate it.

You too can pray as I now do, a variation of this kind of a prayer:

Holy Spirit, You do not want me partnering with what isn’t from You for I am Your temple. I send this atmosphere (name it if you can) back to (name the person) and refused to partner with it in Jesus’ name. I invite blessing (peace, grace, hope, etc as you feel led)  to come in its place.

It is amazing what a difference this has made.

The family member who normally will take 45-50 min to finish their rant? Done in about 2 minutes. Seriously. Every time.

A few clients have come in lately somewhat rude and within a few minutes, from when I remember to pray, they are calm or level headed again.
Every time.

There is power in the name of Jesus.

We do not have to be at the mercy of anyone else’s emotional or spiritual whims any more. You can put up your defense and bounce it back onto the person who needs to deal with it. The one who brought the atmosphere with them.

Depression, anger, loneliness, rage, rudeness….name it and send it on back.

We have enough going on within ourselves trying to listen and discern what God wants for us to let ourselves partner with something that wants to add to our burdens.

These negative atmospheres like to try and find partners to keep them going, so they can spread like an unwanted winter storm. They are not from God, instead they are an enemy tactic to keep us distracted and occupied from what we are to be doing. Sharing God’s love and exhibiting His glory, mercy and grace.

Hard to do when you are drawn in to a negative atmosphere.

The opposite can be true as well.

There are people you feel better after chatting with, who encourage you and build you up.

Places you walk into and feel like you could make yourself at home in, or sense its exceptionally peaceful, content, blessed.

They have an atmosphere that positively impacts you.

By shifting the negative out of the way, you can invite the positive atmosphere in its place.

Using your shield to protect you is a weapon we all need to be reminded to use on a daily basis.

I pray that God will remind you to shift the atmosphere every time you need to, that with His prompting you will be known for a godly atmosphere wherever you go, and able to bless those around you with it.

The words we speak can release us from partnering with what isn’t from God. Or agree with it.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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