merry go round

Sometimes life seems to spin around and around, like a merry-go-round.

Don’t know about you, but i know that after a day of answering phones, computing, meetings, paperwork & billing….my brain is crying out for a breather, not more.

Yet dinner needs to be made, the kitchen tidied after dinner was made, lunches prepped, laundry on or dried or put away, connect with the family, grocery or errand shopping, not to mention exercise, time with friends or extended family, taxes, bill paying, house cleaning…. and my day doesn’t likely look too different from yours, does it?

What gets you through, besides learning to say no, delegating, prioritizing and/or eating well?

For me, its spending time with God by:

Reading the Word- the days when i make the time to make God the priority go soooo much smoother than the days when i skip this step to save time! Somehow time moves in  a heavenly rhythm that defies linear understanding!

Worshipping- whether along with a cd, my guitar or the band at church, or out on a walk loving His handiwork all around me, this is another soother of my soul that helps me stay grounded.

Listening- keeping an ear tuned to what God may be whispering to me is important. An interruption may be a coworker’s plea for help, or a God incident to show grace towards someone in need. Following His prompting has led to a more peaceful atmosphere at work, whatever location I am at!

Writing-documenting what God is teaching and showing me helps me interact with the knowledge, awakening my brain to integrate any needed changes, reprogram what is to go and setting my focus on what is ahead, leaving that which needs to be left behind in the past. My blog is a part of this process.

Being grateful- saying thanks to God for all that is going well or I am grateful for each day keeps the negative things which may pop up into a proper perspective: part of my story, but not all of it.

And last but not least…..

Resting-taking the time to just BE and not DO much of anything besides breathing and relaxing. God’s word is full of reminders to do so… Psalm 62 is one of my favorites to help me relax and unwind and remember it is good to just BE.  By not doing on a regular basis, I am able to DO more when I am to be working. Again, a heavenly time shift that doesn’t seem to make sense, but when I put it to the test, every time proves to be true.

I’ve learned to say no to merry-go-rounds.

I prefer the swings.

Yes, it may get monotonous or end up going a little too high, but God is there to catch me when I need to jump off and take a break.

Time to BE for a bit before off to bed to recharge!

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