free to say….

I said yes to something today (extra work) when I should have said no.

I have a hard time accepting i am free to say no.
Still too much wanting to please people left within me.

I am free to say yes, but just like with everything else, I have to live with the consequences.

More work, less rest while dealing with a health concern was not wise. I have modified my next two days to accommodate more rest as a result, which will help in the long run…but not tonight when I am feeling drained.

I am also free to say no, but just like with everything else, I have to live with the consequences.

Less work, more rest while dealing with a health concern would be wise. I would have to modify my budget to match less income coming in, which is temporarily tight but tonight I would feel less drained.

The ability to decide yes or no began before the Garden of Eden.

It began with God saying yes to creation.

And Satan saying no to serving God.

Those were the background decisions that led up to the Garden.

And man has been struggling with saying yes to what is best ever since.

We like instant, don’t we? Immediate gratification when we make our decisions.

Life doesn’t work like that.

And God’s ways are mysterious, and don’t flow as easily as we think.

We ask God for a speedy drive to work one day when we are leaving late, and we end up in a traffic snarl. But had we been at that intersection ten minutes earlier, we might have been schmucked by that car weaving out of control.

We ask for all our debt to be removed by saying yes to the weekly lotto ticket, but end up in more debt with the addiction of believing in easy money.

Our decisions, our yes’ and no’s, ultimately determine where we go when we leave this life behind.

Saying yes to Christ means a loving forever home with Him in heaven.

Saying no to Christ means a forever home with the enemy, separated from love, for eternity.

The little decisions impact us on a daily basis. Saying yes to what is best for us in the immediate may be hard, but will pay off in the long run.

Don’t wait until its too late to say yes when it counts the most…

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