“When you speak, speak words of truth and life and love. All around you are parched souls longing for the living water of the Holy Spirit, and your words can guide them to the place where the water flows.”
Memory’s Door, James L. Rubart

There is literally life or death in the words we speak.

The snares and traps that we fall into are likely heavily influenced by the enemy reminding us of words spoken over us:
You’re stupid.

Part of the trap and all of the pain comes from the delivery.

Even jokes can hurt.

And they don’t have to break our bones to leave a lasting impact.

I can still recall the embarrassment and arrow to my heart from publicly being declared ‘homely’ by one of my supposed best friends during writing class.

Being called stupid by a loved one for being upset over a hard breakup with my boyfriend at the time.

It has taken many years to remove the festering enemy darts out of my wounds so they can begin to heal.

The opposite is also true.

Being told I had a wonderful mind for history by one teacher, a natural tendency towards writing by another.
A gifted voice for melody and harmony by both a musician professor and a professional soundman.

Those words stuck with me in a positive way, giving me hope that there might be good things planned for my future, even if I couldn’t see them at the time.

The first time my husband, my daughter, my son told me they loved me.

Hearing the good news that my husband’s back surgery was a complete success.

Having friends say they are proud of me for staying the course during blistering storms.

More importantly, hearing God whisper my name.

My true name, not what I call myself- the name I am becoming with His help.

How much He loves me.
Treasures me.
Wants to hang out with me.
Has plans to prosper me, to give me hope, a bright future.
Reminding me He is always with me.

There is no negative name that you can be called that God cannot redeem you from.

Set you free from the cages of lies, destroying the enemy plot to sink us into the mire of stinking falsehoods.

Release you to fly high on His promises.

For He is truth.

And the truth came to set us free.

Next time you go to speak, think over whether you are blessing, positively correcting OR negatively putting down or cursing the person you are speaking to or with.

Use Holy Spirit as a filter, to catch the attitudes you want to remove, letting only the truth and blessings to flow from your mouth.

God is always waiting to speak to us.

May we treat one another as precious when we speak to one another.

Think blessings, encouragement, honoring, respect.

Who couldn’t use some more of those kinds of words?

Who knows what lives will be changed as you speak with more care?

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