Now you need to discover what you love.



There is risk in people knowing what we love.

Many of us get hurt when they make fun of us, or bully us with words, fists, rejection.

And many of us will hide who we are, what we love or want as a result of that hurt.

I know I have.

I was the girl who loved school. Loved to read, to write, to ask questions, to learn. Loved to play every instrument (except clarinet, suffice it to say that I had a few best friends who had that instrument covered!) and to sing.
I also loved drama. Mime or sign language set to music.

I was stifled in my creativity not in public or high school, although I was teased for being a nerd/geek/artsy fartsy.
I was still doing what I loved to do, confident that I was made to do so.

My main gifts are all communication based.
My supporting gifts are relational.

I became stifled at church.

I was pegged as Sunday school helper and teacher, who sang on the side.

My heart has always been the reverse.

I will, and would, choose worship or freedom ministries over teaching any day.

The church I grew up in once we came back to Ontario began that process, with limited breakthroughs from time to time until very recently.

We felt called out of the church home we had been content in for almost 13 years, into a new church that felts challenging, large and overwhelming.

It has been the best thing for all four of my family members.

We have finally all unfurled who we are, where we have come from, and have all been received with love and safety and grace.

That doesn’t mean people didn’t love us where we were at church before, because they did, and do.

It just means that the place we were meant to serve was closer than we realized.

We moved to Aurora as a family 17 years ago.
And have never gone to church locally until this year.

Don’t let regret for what could have been stop you from being who you are meant to be.

Discover what you love.
Learn what you are designed to do.
Find the right location to deepen and grow.

No matter what name you were called as a child or adult.

The fault lies with the name caller, the enemy, not you.

Take some time to rediscover what you love.
Then go do it.
Our world will be the better for it.
And inside, so will you.

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