living creatively inspired

Writing every day is hard.

There, I said it.

There are days where I have tons of ideas, jump off verse or quotes, and the words just flow.

Then there are the days where initially, I’ve got nothing.

Like today.

Time in the Word & prayer definitely sparks the creative within me, when I spend time with my Creator.

But i also bank ideas as drafts for future posts on the days where i get a few ideas at once, or whenever they come to mind.

Because I am living expecting God to inspire me, when & wherever.

I am learning to be increasingly  interruptible, redirectable & discerning.

Which if i am completely honest, doesn’t happen as often on a daily basis as I would like.

That’s where unplugging from the busy grind, and plugging in/drawing close to my Creator is crucial.

Because i don’t want to write just coz i want to.

I want to write because He inspires me to, and I can’t hold back sharing how he is leading & guiding me through this life He has gifted me to live….I want to write as it is:

My daily testimony of interacting with the Word speaking through my words.

One of the best resources I have found (obviously after going to God directly) to help keep me on track is this brilliant & honest piece by Tyler Ward:

living creatively inspired- Tyler Ward

I hope you too press in to our God, the Creator of all, for inspiration on how to be the best you possible, and the most creative expression of His work in action!

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