I love reading how God is moving in the lives of others.

I never stopped, until I saw the picture above, to put it all together.

We have interwoven lives.

Not just those of us who know each other.

Not just those who read your books, blogs, tweets or Facebook posts.

Not just those we encounter but never really get to know, the strangers on the bus, train, in your favorite cafe.

We are interwoven because God is the true main character of each of our stories.

Easter reveals to us that God entered each of our timelines, our history, present and future, and turned it all onto its head.

Less of me, more of You.

When God begins to write our stories, line by line, scene by scene, chapter by chapter, we begin to see just how interwoven our lives truly are.

If He is with us and in us and strengthening us, it is his story too.

And if He is in everyone’s stories, than our stories must be interwoven into His story, all of HiStory.

All of history is His Story.

We are blessed to be grafted into His story, allowing Him to shape it for His maximum glory and our maximum benefit, becoming the most us we can become with His help.

His Story, history is really about how His love has called out to all the generations.

He is wanting not only our stories to reflect HiStory, but our hearts too.

His Story was led by love.

Will you allow HiStory to interweave with your heart?

Like the strings of twinkle lights we love to display every winter or holiday, will you allow yourself to be so intertwined with His heart that the seam connecting you together will be hard to detect?

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