got vs not

It’s what you’ve got that matters.
Not what you’re not.

I spent my childhood, teens right through my thirties focused more on what I was not than what I’ve got.

If I had curly hair, how I wanted straight hair.

When overweight and fit, I wanted to return to being thin, even though back then I wasn’t healthy.

If I had a husband who was hardworking and focused, I wanted one who would spontaneously take a day off work to focus on just me.

I worked from home, but would rather have not had to work at all.

I had close family, but wondered why the some of the family didn’t want anything to do with me.

I was a follower of Jesus who was too caught up in where I was lacking to appreciate my God given talents & gifts.

I woke up one day, realizing i spent too much time giving head space to who I wasn’t, having so lost track of who I truly am:
His child.
Loved with passionate abandon.
Born to worship.
Word crafter.
Freedom seeker.
Daughter of the King.
Lover of His presence.
In the family, forever.

I flipped my attitude of grumbling over the have nots to thankful for what I’ve got:
A wonderful family.
A precious group of chosen sisters.
Great coworkers & bosses.
A home I love to nest in.
A cat who reminds me to enjoy the simple things we all take for granted: eating, sleeping, the sun, play time.
I am a part of One Church, His Kingdom, and although I may have tried different flavours over the years, we are all One in Jesus.
I can express myself through song and the written word.
I am creative, kind, and ever learning…

The outside is only as beautiful as we make the inside of ourselves, for true character radiates for all to see.

I am free to be the me I was designed to be.

The Designer is the one who both equips and strengthens me to be me.

Its time to embrace who you are, not what you aren’t. Be inspired by people like Nick Vujicic- those who refuse to allow their have nots to deter them from their dreams.

What’s there is pretty special to God. Its time to plug in and remember who you are, and return to living your life on purpose and hope, not regret.


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