looking truth in the face

I faced a lifetime of looking the truth in the face before it had time to burrow under my skin.


It takes a lot to look the truth square on, and come to grips with it.

It is much easier for most of us to hide it away, and keep following the same old patterns we have become used to.

But that is a lie.

Not dealing with the truth costs us more in the long run.

By not facing it in the moment, we bury it within us. Making an opening for ourselves to escape into, a non reality for lack of a better word. An alternate truth to us, which we think we control, but in fact ends up controlling us.

Addictions, some forms of depression, suicide can all find their roots in the emotions we bury avoiding the truth.

What we bury, when it isn’t meant to be kept in, sends out tentacles to destroy us from the inside out.

Truth was meant to set us free.

Taking out what has been buried can be painful, but on the other side is a freedom we all long for.

I learned this the long way around. Digging up the past has opened up a future I never dreamed I would have.

I am the healthier, and the better for it.

Today could be your day to heal, make your wounds your scars, move forward, and live.

For truth is found in a person.

Who is more than able to help you find your freedom if you turn to Him and ask.

Its time to grow and be the you you were meant to be.

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