bring on the Joy


I don’t know about you but I am ready for more joy.

Real Joy.

Not the kind that depends on stuff, or what people do for me, but the kind that comes from the source of Joy Himself.

I am tired of the substitutes.

Going somewhere because you should/have to, when every fibre of your being is screaming to be anywhere else.

Losing yourself in a movie or DVD to distract you from whatever is trying to sap your joy.

Stuff that doesn’t satisfy absorbs resources like time & money, and ends up in a shelf, donation pile or garage sale…or your hips or abdomen because you turned to junk food to deal with your emotions asi tend to do… instead of bringing them to the cross, the loving arms waiting for me 24/7, and receiving peace, comfort & Joy in their place.

Or the worst- complete denial, which shuts down your capacity for joy as you tell yourself you can’t cope any other way, or this is your lot in life, so live with it.

There is another way.

Into His Presence.
He will come.
He will hear.
He will release
And Joy

Unspeakable joy.
Joy that makes no sense in the world, but makes all the sense in heaven.

In His presence is fullness of Joy.

I am ready to be topped up to overflowing from being filled again.

How about you?

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