broken & foolish

I know that God is good, merciful & gracious because He uses broken & foolish vessels like us to proclaim His unending love.

Eugene Cho

God chooses to speak through people like you & I.

Some days, I am more dumbfounded by that statement than I can easily express.

I am not shocked God chooses to speak through you.

It is knowing He wants to use me and I am His choice that leaves me flummoxed.

I know I am not worthy.

But He chooses me, you, anyways.

We are the part of the proof He uses to share His heart for the world.

It is with wonder at His grace, love and mercy that I cannot help but write or sing of how good He has been to me.
How He has always been with me.

Never failed me.

Loves me with an amazing, breathtakingly passionate love.

Speaks to me…words of love, direction, sometimes correction with affection & wisdom reminders when I need them.

The same God full of goodness, grace, love, mercy is waiting for you too.

His Word being spoken through His beloved to those He is calling home.

A privilege I don’t take lightly, as I know just how foolish I can be, and how broken I have been without His presence.

And I will never stop being thankful and proclaiming how grateful I am to be His.

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