welcome home

I have a father, a dad, and a Father.

My earthly father passed away when I was quite small. I have some remembrance of his smile, his strong arms, and a Snoopy ukelele he gave me. He contributed quite a bit to my genes, coloring & talents. I wish I had had more time to get to know him. I am partly named for him, so I am reminded of this important man, my heritage, daily.

My dad married my mom the winter before I turned 6. At that time, he was very tall and a great listener. He has always been an excellent provider, a wise counselor, and is still fairly tall. He is a hard worker, always lending a hand in his areas of expertise, and keeps smiling. He taught me to work hard, work with integrity and be wise with your spending. Along with my mom, my dad passed on a love of reading & learning to me. He adopted me as a preteen seeking identity, which I was and am grateful for. He & my brother are the other techies in the family I can talk with about smart phones, tablets & computers. I am and have been blessed by having him in my life. He is always happy to see me.

My Father has always been in the big picture, although it has taken a shift in my vision to learn that truth. He was hands on with my creation, putting His design into formation. He has kept an eye on me from the moment the spark occurred when the egg & sperm collided. He has protected me, loving me with an everlasting passionate love. He is for me, has great plans for me, and cheers me on. He gave me a new name, and made me a permanent part of His family. My Father comforts me when I am hurt or sad, surrounds me with His presence & peace in hard situations, and guides me when I need to know which path to follow. I continue to learn more about Him the more we sped time together.

He is always there to welcome me home.

For now, I have been blessed to have had two strong men as my earthly male parents. They both have their failings, but I know they both love me, and I carry their legacy everywhere I go.

For now, I am blessed to have the God of heaven as my Father. He never fails, yet I know He loves me despite what I do, and I will carry His legacy into eternity, when one day He welcomes me home, forever.


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