kick regret to the curb


I am tired of dragging what I ‘mighta’ or ‘shoulda’ along for the ride.

Pondering what i might have or should have done can add heaps of regret onto my shoulders, weighing me down. Helping me feel stuck in the moment of regret…so much so that I can feel the chains getting heavier & heavier the longer I try to work it through….
Let it go. Give it to God.
Let Him heal the wound.
Let Him do the telling.

We are to release our past wrongs. Done or undone.
We all need to make the decision to forgive and let go of our past. Once & for all.
Some people do so in stages, as they have been so wounded or bound up in regrets they will need some time to readjust once their burdens are no more.

Regrets are best buried swiftly, in an unmarked grave site.

You don’t need to revisit them.

Choose to move on.
Laugh often.
Forgive, no holding back.
Love, with abandon.
Live your day to its fullest.

Kick regret to the curb outside your house. You don’t need it anymore!

Be aware, however, that not doing things we could/should is also a regret.

Take the leap, and do what you know God has called you too.

Living life with no holds barres, no regrets save hoping time could stand still, so you could keep going beyond normal time.

And one day, you will have no regrets whatsoever, if you follow the Son.

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