second chance

You are a living, glorious, and unashamed second chance.

People of the Second Chance

Today I needed a second chance.
I missed a task I had forgotten about…actually, I have missed it for a few weeks.

And I got grace in the reminder from the person (my hubby) who has stepped up to take the never ending task (laundry) on while my last few weeks were crazier than normal.

It is a relief when someone cones along and helps us in our area of weakness, isn’t it?

Every day, I do things I wish I hadn’t.

I forget to do things I should do.

For both, God’s got unlimited grace.

Grace provided at a great cost.

Grace that is constantly waiting for those who know how much they need it.

A second chance.

The good news about grace?

It starts over again every time you need it, without keeping a record of the wrong doing.

Grace that removes the offense, and its shame, as far as the east is from the west.

Grace that pays the price for your outstanding account.

Grace that holds a fresh shiny new second chance.

Every morning, we have the potential for grace.

Don’t end the day by missing your second chance.


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