“You don’t have to try so hard…”

Words that hit my soul like an arrow straight from the heart.

The message is simple, yet profound, and every woman (and man) needs to hear it.

In a nutshell, be yourself.

It is fun at times to glam up, dress up for an event or a night, but why do we feel we have to always put a ‘done up’ face forward everywhere we go?

When did we allow others to tell us how we are to look?

The Word reminds us not to worry about the outer stuff…but to concentrate on our inner stuff which will enter eternity with us.

Not having the latest fashion designer duds will not be a prerequisite.

I have seen women down and out on their luck radiate beauty from within. They refused to let their lack be the first thing others would see.

Now taking care of the body we have been given is not what I am talking about. I am talking about never stepping out of the house without an hour & a half prep work- full makeup, immaculate hair, dressed to the nines in the latest exquisite current trend.

I have had many many comments on my skin.

I use a simple facial wash.
I use coconut oil a few times a week to moisturize.
I use a homemade lip balm most days.
I use an eye liner.
That’s it besides the occasional adding mascara for an evening or dressy event.
But that works for me.

Instead, I try to smile and laugh often.
Read in enough light to prevent eye strain.
Make room for quiet & downtime.
Eat mostly healthy most days.
Get enough sleep.

I don’t have to be more than I am, but I do need to take care of what He has given me…

The difference between the world & my view is simple.

The world sees me as just another purchaser, and targets us all as a demographic versus an individual.

God made me to be an individual, and by drawing close to Him, I discover more and more about who He is, and who He made me to be.

I am not saying its not okay to look nice.

I am saying it shouldn’t be at the cost of laying down who you really are, by pretending everything is fine.

Its time to step out from under the layers of makeup, hair product, clamoring voices telling you that you are not okay without the dress up.

You are made one of a kind by the Master. On purpose, not by accident.

Live the way you want to, not the way the world tries to force you to!

The video:

The lyrics:

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