A little ditty is running through my mind tonight… “God’s not finished with me yet.”

That truth is the opposite of how many of us feel…like we have been tossed on the top of the discard pile.

And it doesn’t even have to be for any outside reason as to why we may find ourselves discarded.

I have more than enough reasons to toss myself there:
I am not…………
I shouldn’t have ………..
I could have……..
I wish i………
I am……..

Our self talk can have us out of control and into a tail spin before we know it if we don’t keep our focus on the truth.

The truth about me, and you?

There are a few, but all interrelated.

We are not perfect.
We make mistakes.

Two truths that are not likely a surprise to either of us.

We are made perfect.
By a holy, gracious, merciful loving God.

Those two might come as a bit of a shocker to your system, but they are designed to be life changing truths that are to transform our self talk from our harsh reality to His eternal one.

God does not, will not, cannot EVER, discard any of us.

It is not in His nature.

It is us, you and I, who toss ourselves out of His presence.

God always welcomes those who approach with the genuine desire to meet Him.

To be transformed.
Made new.
Recycled, as it were, or better yet, upgraded to the beat possible model of ourselves we will ever be before we are finally remodeled in eternity.

The next time your mind trues to tell you you are only worth the rubbish pile, tell it the truth.

The value placed on you by God cost Him His son’s life.

He thinks you are priceless, irreplaceable and worth it.

Discard the negative and input the positive when that self talk starts up again.

It’s time to start walking out His truth in our lives.

And toss the trash thoughts back where they belong….

On the discard pile.


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