There are fences that are designed for your protection, and fences that keep you penned in.

What are your fences protecting?
Fences as I am referring to them, for our protection, are also known as boundaries.

Boundaries are ‘do not cross’ lines. They don’t have to be visible to be enforced, kind of like invisible electric dog fences. When we are making sure our fences are fully operational, we can get a shock when there is an attempt to breach.

For me, I have a boundary around my work hours. I can flex to a certain degree, but when I am booked off, I am off. (obviously a major accident or loss of a loved one aside emergencies are not included in this category)

One job kept crossing that line, so I found a new job where this boundary would be respected.

The same goes for my phone. I keep my ringer off & notifications on low (visual only) 95% of the time so I get to choose when I answer the phone, versus the phone getting to make that decision. I had to make this boundary as I had a friend who likes to text me in the wee hours, which interfered with my sleep. So, now I get back to her after I wake up, in my timing.

I have a few other deeper ones, but suffice it to say, they are worth defending in my opinion, as they are usually ones I have had God’s help in designing, and need His help to protect and maintain. Keeping my marriage, my kids and family relationships strong takes time, effort and protection.

Like the knights of old, we need to be on guard to protect our castles (really big fences around what we want to protect- family, home) against attack.

The enemy doesn’t want us on guard, or looking to God as our defense.

Sometimes, he can take the back door approach.

We can be defending our outer fences so much, we forget to take care of the fences we may have constructed in our hearts.

You see, we can sometimes fence in things like unforgiveness, pain, anger, turmoil and let them fester & eat away within us.

We can fence in our healthy emotions behind the negative ones if we don’t let them out for God to help UA sort out what needs to be done, or forgiven, or both.

It’s time to build our fences in the pastures God has for us, instead of our past.

As God helps you tear down the fences within you built to protect yourself from your own pain , hurt, brokenness or sin, may He help you set up the boundaries of your life so you remain dependent on Him, and not the boundaries themselves.

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