There is no shame.
There is only God’s love.


Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders?

Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you?

Then don’t for another moment longer.

Its time to realize that we are carrying something God doesn’t see any longer.

You see, if we confess our stuff to God, He erases it from His forever data bank.
Signed, sealed, delivered, done.

We are the ones who pick up our old garments & try to keep wearing them, despite the fact they no longer fit.

We miss the love when we take our eyes off of Him,and focus on our past again, redredging up shame to torment us.

if you have asked God to forgive you,
He has.

if He has forgiven you,
you are made new & free.

if you can’t shake shame on your own,
get help.

ask someone to pray with and for you.
write down the transaction of being forgiven by God.

then take the steps to move forwards with His love as your guide.

Love makes a way…always.

if God Himself IS love, He can’t help Himself from expressing it to us.

stop accepting the shame game
and its blame

refill the empty space with Love.

your life will be changed for the better!

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