consequence free

There is a catchy song by Great Big Sea with these lines in the chorus: “I wanna be consequence free, I wanna be where nothing needs to matter.”

The truth is: Life Matters.

And there are consequences for our actions, good and bad.


When you are headed for a fall, wouldn’t you like to hear to turn away or stop moving in that direction?

You can, in case you didn’t know.

God has given us His Spirit to guide and direct us. He is for us, which means He wants better for us than we do, and He loves us immeasurably more than we will ever love ourselves.

We need to be listening.

I don’t know about your but there are tines I am so caught up in what I am doing that it would take a bulldozer coming at me full throttle to grab my attention.

Or so I thought.

I have been realizing that the small voice prompting me within is His voice, and I am trying to make sure I am tuned in to His frequency.

You see, I want to be negative consequence free.

I want to say I am sorry and change my ways so I never make that mistake again.

I want to care for others the way I want to be cared for.

I want to become the best me I was designed to be.

But I can’t do it alone.

I have four people holding me accountable for a healthy change in my life, which starts today.

I felt the whisper remind me that we were not meant to be alone.

Strength comes out of our weakness through faith & being part of a loving community.


One that will tell you to turn away from the path you are on, coz you aren’t going to like where you are headed, before you fall.

A community that loves up on you, encourages you to face your fears, forgive your wounders, press in to God for all your needs.

Life matters, and so do the consequences of your choices.

Decide today to make choices to bless you, not hurt you in the long run.

Your life will thank you for it!

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