how are you? part one

“How are you?”

When that is the question, I find the standard responses below typical of the answers we have all come to expect. (In brackets is what I suspect the sayer really means instead 🙂

(you know what, I wish people would atop asking me this personal question, coz I don’t think they really want to know how I am really doing. They are just being polite.)

“Great, how are you?”
(complete avoidance, a generic switching of subject back to the speaker.)

“Sigh, okay”
(not doing well but want you to ask me again before I met you know how things are going in my life. I need to add a dramatic spin to my answer.)

“Not too bad”
(my glass is teetering around the halfway mark. Half full, half empty. Not quite neutral, but nothing severe is going on)

“My life sucks right now.”
“Where do I start?”
(this means i need to unload now. My statement is meant to startle you, and get your attention.”

“Good, thank you.”
(a simple yet complex reply from someone who is practicing the art of gratitude.)

“Why do you want to know?”
(defensive. back off and stop asking personal questions)

“Really well, I have……blah blah blah…”
(either really excited about recent good news, or a bit of a showoff, depending on the delivery)

“I am good, but did you hear about so and so…”
(gossip. sometimes redirects as insecure, and thinks the hearer needs to hear more drama)

I tend to be a “Great, thank you” unless its my best friend, physio or counselor, and then I have to tell it like it really is or we don’t make any headway in trust or my well being.

We do have a Counselor who is always available for any honest answer to that question. He already knows where you are really at, but loves us enough to let us pour it all out before Him, listening attentively to us as we do.

H”ow am I today, God?

I am content with work. I have some projects coming that will require some help with timing.
My foot is still bothering me, but thanks for prompting me to take off the tape that was irritating my foot.
I have a bit of a headache, I didn’t sleep too well. Help me to rest in You tonight.
If you can help us pay off the school fees by sending that RESP payment ASAP that would be awesome.
My friends are mostly away over these two weeks. Help me to not be lonely and mope without them.
Thanks for our whole family having work in our fields. May You be blessed as we work hard using our gifts and talents.
Hey God, our cat Hope seems to be a bit moodier than normal. Can you touch her and give her peace?
Not sure where to go on my less is more blog…a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks for asking how I was doing God.
How are You?”

…and the conversation continues tomorrow….


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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