Tonight I saw a movie that rekindled my passion.

(It was about cooking, before you gasp with disapproval!)

The Hundred Foot Journey.

The passion of three characters that cross paths is inspiring:

The young man whose passion is taste, exceptionally flavoring the food he cooks.

His father, passionate about family (and being thrifty).

The restaurant owner across the road, who is passionate about achieving the goal she has- another Michelin star.

The integration of these three passions, and a few others along the way, left me reminded how pale and drab life is without passion.

What are you passionate about?

What irks you when someone puts it down?

What makes you excited to do during the day?

I have a few main passions, and a few lesser ones.

I am passionate about God.
His love, mercy, grace.
The Hope He offers us all.

I love to create, with words.
I love to worship, in song.  I deeply appreciate other authors, song writers, worship leaders & singers who are passionate about what they do too.

I am passionate about people becoming free, who they were designed to be. Leaving their pasts behind them, and running full tilt towards a life they never dreamed possible.

I am passionate about family.
I am quieter about this one in words, out of respect for them, but what happens to them matters deeply to me.
My husband, children, parents, relatives.
My best friends.
My coworkers.
My church family.
I try to show each that I value, honor and respect them.

Hobbies i am passionate about? Tea, silver, Nordic Pole Walking, the color moss green, reading and watching good movies. All things vanilla, coconut, caramel, pecan, maple, bacon.

I know what I am passionate about, after many years of fighting how I was hard wired.

What God places in us desires to be birthed.

Passion unfulfilled is heartbreaking.

Not only the person who never let it out, but for the Giver of our gifts, God.

Take a few moments.
Close your eyes.

Ask yourself ‘What do I most want to do with this life I have been given? What brings me to life?’

The answers you get are likely a clue to your true passions.

Beyond romance, there is a world just waiting for each of us to live our lives to their fullest.

The scientist who may discover the cure for cancer, who might have been inspired by the ones who went before… who discovered insulin, the cure for leprosy.

The many artists who capture their world in picture, painting, clay, song or words…and remind us how much we have to be passionate about.

The builders- carpenters, electricians, contractors, roofers. Without their passion to tinker and connect things together, we wouldn’t enjoy the homes we do.

Take stock of your passions.

Write them down, pray over them and invite God to grow them in you.

One passionate person can inspire a nation, or leave a lasting impact on the world.

Jesus is one such person.

His passion for each of us lead Him to put on skin & bone, and live among us. He loved deeply. Showed His care towards the downtrodden, broken, homeless, hurting, mismatched, the young, the old. Those who needed to know how much God was thinking of them.

His passion for us held Him on the cross, and kept Him there as His life drained away, for you and for me.

His passion for us caused Him to come back to remind us He was fully God & man all rolled into one. How much He is passionate about His children closely knowing and walking with Him.

Its time to take the passion God gave you to help you do the task He has for you.

We need you to, not just leave it on your bucket list.

All of us are blessed when we all live the lives we were meant to live- following the Passionate one.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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