never beyond reach

Because maybe Jesus wants us to know there is no place we can find ourselves where His presence cannot reach us.

Bonnie Gray, Finding Spiritual Whitespace

Sometimes there are lines you can read that reach out to squeeze your heart so tightly, it becomes hard to breathe.

The quote above just did so to me a few moments ago.

I am still trying to catch my breath.

There are also times when God orchestrates the internet going down, and having some unexpected time to read when I would usually be working.

These past few weeks, I have been struggling to hold onto the hope I have in Him.

There, I put it out there in black and white.

And I have pressed in to read up on hope and write about hope, all the time hoping this low season would pass.

I am eating well, sleeping well, exercising, working well, connecting with my hubby, kids & friends…

But deep inside, part of me has been lonely for more of Him.

Except until I read that line above, I thought my feeling low was jot worth bringing to Him.  You know, the ‘this too shall pass’ mentality we all slip into from time to time.

With all the horrors and war and brokenness out there in the world, why bother God with a few blue days strung together?

Because He is with me.

He has brought me to this exact moment to show me He is with me in this. 

He is enough for me.

He is here for me to press into, to snuggle up to, and rest in His presence.

There is no place in this world, or hidden within me, where He cannot reach me.

My part? 
Be honest, and open myself up to Him.
Spend time soaking, worshipping, resting in the knowledge, the truth, that God IS with me.

The ember of hope I have kept close to my heart is igniting again.

My day no longer looks so blue.

If you too need to be encouraged and reignite your hope today, Psalm 139 is a wonderful journey to walk through.

Join me as we find our hope renewed in His Presence.

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