…make myself at home in His love.
– John 15:10 (MSG)

Our true home is calling.

Jesus came so we can have life in abundance here on earth, but the source of that life is eternal.

God Himself.

And once we decide to let Him in, He opens the doors to wonders we can only grasp at while here on earth.

We will be gasping with awe and wonder when we see them in heaven.

We were designed to walk with God in the garden.

To converse with Him face to face.

Once we have met Him, our spirit within begins to long for its true home, heaven.

And we have an internal unquenchable hope dependent upon our eternal God.
Holy, true, awesome in all His majesty.

His Spirit continues to whisper to our spirit, reminding us we are on a journey where the final destination is set firm:
Heaven is our true home.

And we get glimpses and snippets of heaven breaking through in to our daily lives from time to time, through thin places.

Where the presence of heaven invades earth in a mighty glimpse of what is yet to come.

His love is the key to it all.

God has a place for you, for me, in His love. Jesus refers to it as the Father’s mansion with many rooms.

I think that mansion is His heart.

God invites us to move in, and live in His love.

To make our home in Him.

To rest with the Almighty, secure in knowing He is in control.

As much as I love my family, friends and most of my life here on earth, my spirit leaps when I think of heaven.

I believe our spirits can be home sick for our true home, just as we can be when we are away from our houses or country.

His love is drawing us heavenward.

Hope begins with His Presence,
reaching out to us,
calling us Home.

Every love song serves as an echo of heaven’s invitation home.

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