unheard part 1


Dr. Henry Cloud refers to us as only being able to live in one of four spaces:
Bad Connection
Pseudo Connection
Real Connection
Sometimes you can experience all four in a bit of a rollercoaster of connection.

Being willing to hear each other is critical for connection to occur.

I recently sang as part of a team, without a working monitor. As this is not an unusual occurrence for me, it didn’t throw me too much, but caused me to depend more on God to help me staying plugged in and connected to the group.

Despite a deep sense of knowing God was with me, it turns out I was mainly unheard during the service.

Not connected in a very real sense, after all.

Are my feelings hurt? Kind of, to be honest. I believe everyone should be heard if they are on the stage, no matter their part.

But i digress, as only a sound man’s daughter can 😉

I felt connected to what God was saying in the service, and I had a strong sense of His presence, so ultimately real connection occurred despite the sound glitch.

The same can happen in any relationship, at home with your spouse of kids, with your best friends, your parents, or your coworkers.

(Not to mention customer service hotlines, where the person on the other end doesn’t appear to understand what you are needing/wanting…)

God doesn’t work this way.

When we turn to Him, and ask Him to adopt us into His forever family, we become connected to Him.
A real tangible eternal connection.

When we fall away and do stuff we shouldn’t, or ignore His voice, we can affect the reception, which causes a bad connection on our part.

Relationships are damaged from this poor receptiveness every day. Sometimes beyond repair.

And God’s heart breaks over it.

There are times where we get so wound up in our own business we forget to touch base with one or two relationships, and we think everything is fine…but it really isn’t. That’s the pseudo connection. All is not as it appears to be in real life.

There are wounds caused and words not spoken that cause God to weep over what could have been.

And then there are the real connections.

Where we feel heard.

And the other relationships we can have can be in all the other spaces we can find ourselves in, but we can be fully connected in and with God.

Somehow, He can become enough when we are lacking in every other way.

Knowing that God was pleased with my worship offering was and is enough for me today. I can leave the bad connection in His hands, and not allow it to bother me.

Take a few moments to take stock on the spaces you are in:
Bad reception.
Fake connection impersonating the real.
Real connection.

When we have peace flowing between us, we have confirmation our connection is real.

Stay connected with God.

Let Him know when you are having a rough day, hurting over a bad connection, unsure of what to do in a situation, or lonely and desperately needing companionship, to know you are not unheard.

In our tendency to rush to react in our flight or fright situations, we can miss the quiet whisper waiting for us to unplug from the busy,and plug into the peaceful rest awaiting us in Him.

With God, we are NEVER unheard, ever.

I hope you hear that truth deep, deep within. Let it saturate you, as I pray again, today, for myself.

(**PS. After a brief brushoff at my son’s school, I now hear I am to allow my son to try and handle the situation, and rest knowing God is with him, and He is hearing our prayers. That my son be heard, clearly, and understood. Its hard to stop advocating for others you care for, but it is truly better when they find their own confident voices…)

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