thee pressure cooker of problems aren’t designed to see how much heat we can take, but to remind us to come to Him.

Sounds good on paper, but is it true?

Being refined is a hard process.

God tries reaching us with His words, but many of us ignore them.

He may try using kind people around us to remind us He is for us and we are never alone when we are His, but we just think they are nice, and miss His prompting behind the scenes.

He paints majestic pictures in the sky, in the waves, in the lightning, with each birth, and every season….and many of us take just complain about how terrible the weather is, and miss His reminder in the scene.

When all we can see is the problems, we can miss His outstretched hand inviting us to come.

He beckons us with love.

A heart overwhelmed with wanting to care for us.

To be with us through the storm.

To strengthen us in our pain.

To give us peace amidst the chaos.

Are you missing Him beckon?

Whatever you are facing, He is greater.

I can say that with absolute faith, as He has been with me through more trials than I could share in a month’s worth of straight writing.

He has beckoned me to come through them all.

My husband is facing some serious back issues again.
My eldest started university, my baby will start next year.
I have pain that has been an almost constant companion for decades.

God has beckoned me to come into His wide open arms, and been there with me every nanosecond of every moment along the way.

I can be real with Him, cry with no comprehensible words, and He gets me.

He reminds me of His presence throughout my days, through an unexpected kindness, a smile, a song lyric, a sunrise, a chirping bird or a sudden gopher popping its head up (that is a story for another day).

God put it on my folks’ heart to loan me their car for a few weeks while they were vacationing…and I have needed it more than any of us realized this past eight days.
God put it on their heart because He knew I would need it.

I am safe when I rest in His care.

He has always provided what I needed no matter what I was facing….every single time.

Don’t let your problems bury you.
Allow them to point you to the God who is beckoning to be all you need with each problem.

Lighten your burden by sharing it with Him. Let Him show you the way through.

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