who am i

There are many days
where my busyness
causes a daze
resulting from a haze
of scattered thoughts

Who am I
where do I belong
what I am here for
become my heart’s song

and if I am not careful
I will miss the cue
that who I am pales besides
the Presence of You

Maker of the Heavens
All Earth Land & Sea
Every creature known to man
down to the smallest bee

Who I am still echoes
in the light of who You are
I hear Your voice speak to me
I see the hand that is scarred

reaching for me
reminding me
I am never alone

The One who set the stars in the heavens
and the rhythm of the tides
calls me back to life again
from His eternal throne

Who He is
is the key
to the answer I seek
Who I am
flows from His heart
where redemption & I meet

I am my Beloved’s
and He is mine
forever more to stay

The hope of more
than in the now
helps get me through today

I am chosen
here with purpose
planned to be His
marked precious deep below the surface

I am the victor
as He leads me
into peace despite the storm
my refuge and hiding place,
safety from the swarm

I overcome
in His name
the Name above all names
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
frees me from all shame

The chains fall off
in freedom’s song
as Jesus moves in me
His Presence defines
who I will become
as unveiled I begin to see
that as I look
into His face
all else fades away

I am His
He is mine
and beside Him will I always stay

I belong.

(because some days
the words write themselves out of these hands,
and in thankfulness for all He is,
I follow His plans)


And if like me, sometimes you need God to sing the reminder of who you are over you, please listen to:
Jason Gray: Who i am to You

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