Short fuse going off?
Is your molehill looking like a mountain?
Just like me?

Yes, we all have days where we get stuck in it.
Life has both ups and downs…and no two days are ever truly alike because of all the variations involved…

But we can still feel stuck…
in a rut
in a bad relationship
in a boring class
in a dead end job
in old memories
in a situation that’s out of control

And it can strike at any time from the moment we arrive til right before we leave here.

How do we get unstuck?
How can we face the day?

Seeking His face.
No matter what.

Last week was a rough week for me. Several doctor appointments, two kids starting back to school, a new job for one child, sick days, unexpected tech glitches, early mornings/late days and little sleep add up to feeling stuck.

Taking a few minutes to breathe in and out, quieting myself as I got ready to drive the car.

Worship music in the CD player.

Reading a few positive devotionals each morning.

Checking out the Psalms, a record of David and several others’ ups & downs while seeking God.

Touching base with my support team.

Praying, even when words didn’t come easily and only teary groans were barely possible.

And God got me through.

Today He showed me He was taking care of us in a very practical way, which boosted my faith.

A major need on my mind was met. In full.

When we can’t see wiggle room is possible beyond our sight, we limit what God can do.

We remain stuck in our self imposed ruts.

I am tired of stuckititis. In its quicksand miry pull that sucks the joy out of the moment, day, week.

Its time to stick close to the One who sticks closer than we can ever imagine this side of heaven.

He is enough. More than enough.

Stick with Him to find the freedom you long for, just like I do.

Been stuck too long?
He can release you.
Reach out your hand, and let Him guide you safely out from whatever is holding you back.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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