delighted with me?

God is delighted with you.
Its one thing to know it in your head and another to really fully experience it in your heart. If you can understand the concept of God being delighted, if you can understand that in your head, then  Holy Spirit is going to translate that into an experience and an encounter. Every time God talks to you, He’s inviting you to an experience or an encounter with something.

The Practice of Delight, Graham Cooke

Really, God?
YOU, the Holy One, Magnificent Mighty Majestic Ruler of All,
Creator & Provider, Redeemer & Savior, Healer & Shelter…
Lord, Why do i have a hard time accepting this?

“Because you look at things based upon performance, my child. I look at your heart. How much you love me, and desire to seek me.
You have a tendency to be harder on yourself than you need to be. The only one you hurt when you refuse to forgive yourself is you, my daughter. ”

But Lord, why me? I don’t think I am anyone special.

“You are mine. I bought you with the greatest gift I had to give, my very Son. You were already special to me, as I have made you one of a kind, hand crafted by me in the secret place, planned from the beginning of earthy time. Paying the highest cost for your freedom shows how very much I value you.”

What else do You want to say to me right now, God?

“Accept that I see you as special.
I think you are amazing. I love you beyond your comprehension, and you will just have to take My Word for it on the days when you can’t feel it or sense it.  Remember to rest in My love for you, especially when you feel the most rushed and stressed out. I will give you a peace beyond whatever circumstance you are facing. I am with You. Never believe the lie that you are alone. I am always, eternally, with you.”

A little glimpse into my day today.

Some times God just grips me with a quote, a line in a song,  a perfect flower, sunrise or sunset.

I now know that when He is catching my attention, as He has something He wants to tell me.

Its usually how much He loves me, for which I am soooo grateful!


Image from http://the quiet time

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sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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