for the days that suck

Life sucks some days.

Situations will try to suck the joy & peace right out of you with heart numbing speed and accuracy.

Look into the eyes of the Lover of your soul, not at the handiwork of the enemy of your soul.

Watch Him clear a path.
Make a way.
Fill you with peace despite it all.


Seek hope when you need an anchor.

(coz some days the words don’t flow beyond a trickle, and that’s okay if I am being real.)

PS. everything turned out and got sorted out within 27 hours.
PPS. God gave this momma bear the patience I needed, and a sense of humour, to help us get through the ER 🙂

2 thoughts on “for the days that suck

  1. Thanks for this post… it’s much needed. I’ve had a sucky week… I love when you said “Somehow,
    someway, His plans WILL PREVAIL.” Amen to that! It’s very true even when we don’t feel it… it’s still true… His plans will prevail. God bless! #BloggerCareGroup


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