when the lines seem crossed

Of all the games I played as a child, Broken Telephone was my least favorite.


image from: http://cikguohsemgitu.weebly.com/broken-telephone.html

I understand full well the impact of broken communication, and secrets.

Almost nothing frustrates me more than when I am misunderstood, or someone has not been clear with what they want/expect of me.

Not being clear and direct when you communicate, whether verbally, in writing or in actions has led to more break down in relationships that almost anything else I can think of.

Apart from sin.

But sin impacts how we communicate. If we try to cover up our actions, we tend to lie or leave things out or avoid certain topics, and then, once again, broken telephone goes another round.

There is only One person who never falters in hearing what we really mean to say, or leave unsaid; who clearly demonstrates His heart in His words and actions shown all who take the time to look.


When the lines of communications had been muddled for so long  that people couldn’t see past the messengers speaking out His truth, God sent us the only One who could make it right again.

Jesus plugged us back into the Father.

Jesus clearly spoke truth, love, grace & mercy.  If He didn’t like what you are doing, He let you know.  If He approved of what you did, He let you know.  He answered every question.  He offered every heart the hope He knew we needed.

With the lines open again for communication, God has now placed the responsibility on us to reach out to speak with Him, to continue the conversation He began in Jesus.

The lines can only be broken now if we fail to connect with His presence; when we fail to speak.

Not only did Jesus fix the broken lines, He also left us a permanent assistant to help us find the words we would need, Holy Spirit.

The One who reminds us of our Father’s love, the gift we have in Jesus, and the Guide to help us along the way, Holy Spirit.

If you are feeling like the lines are down again, rest assured that is a lie. 

We can ALWAYS speak with God.
He is ALWAYS waiting to hear from us.
He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

Today, take that step towards Him.
Let the lines of communication flow between you and God.
May He rebuild your hope as You deepen your dependence on Him.

May you also extend the same grace towards those who are not as clear communicators. As we approach with kindness, may His love flow and soothe the situation until everyone is on the same page again!

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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