There is almost nothing more frustrating then trying to manually tune in your radio to only hear static instead of the station coming in loud and clear.

Whether talk radio or preferred tunes, static grates on our nerves when we can’t access what we want.

In older days, or if you live in an area not allowing your to access digital TV, the same annoyance can occur when trying to get a TV station by adjusting your set He rabbit ears. 

Static is loud.

Yet on the other end, the station in question is sending out the correct signal for you to pick up.

The error happens with the receiver,  not the sender.

Like a deep water buoy ringing out over the waves during a storm, the signal is still doing its job, whether you can hear it…or not.

The same can be true of God.

God not only designed all the natural beauty of this world we enjoy, He made each and every person who has, is and ever will walk upon earth, and all the creatures we share space with.

He put the sun, moon & stars in place. Filled the oceans, lakes, rivers with water. Designed the seasons, landscapes, every sunset and sunrise…even every thing we need to eat.

Details upon details, even down to leaving His mark upon each face.

Then, if all that was not enough, He reached out to to Adam & Eve, walked with them, conversed with them, loved them. Even when they tuned in to another station, causing static to enter the world, He made a way for them, cared for them, loved them.

When people began to wander, He spoke clearly to those who we still tuning in to hear His voice:
John the Baptist…

In Jesus, God broke through the static and tuned into our frequency with startling accuracy and results.

History was irrevocably changed as a result.

With John’s loud cry in the desert, the static was pierced.

With Jesus’ walk and words on earth, static was warned it was on borrowed time.

With Jesus’ death and resurrection, static’s former hold over the world was shattered.

Once and for all time…

Yet again, static depends on the receiver to keep going.


If we are not tuning in, we miss His signal. His still small voice does not want to compete with the world’s loud distractions or putting yourself first all the time. Aligning with sin moves us from His true & pure signal.

It is not God who moves away, its us.

God’s signal does not waver because we don’t tune into it. He never changes. His signal has been, is and will always be strong and available to all.

God is standing with a never ending song streaming from His heart: “Come to me. Listen for my voice. Feel My love for you.”

Are you tuned in?

Or too busy missing His signal for following the alternate signals trying to keep you from tuning in, and finding the whole life God has waiting for you.  A life filled with hope, heart, Him.

You may be far off the station signal, or in need of only a slight tweak…either way, you are missing out.

Its time to tune in again.

Hope waits.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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