time flies?

Time is the currency before which all other currencies bow.

#staticjedi @ericsamueltimm
Eric Samuel Timm, Static Jedi

Time waits for no man.

Indeed, no man can control time.

We can use it wisely, learn to go with the flow, complete a to do list, take a break- but we can not control it.

Time only ever move in the now.

It is.

When we look back at how we have spent our time, we can never change who we used it. We can only remember it.

When we look ahead at how we want to spend our time, we can never fully prepare ahead for what may happen….because time keeps ticking away.

But time has stopped or slowed significantly a few times in human history.

I am sure the time Noah & his family were on the zoo with all those animals passed verrrrrryyyyy slowly as they waiting for the waters to ebb away.

I am sure the time spent watching your child grow up so fast has not changed over the years- all parents seem to have an ahah moment revelation as to how times flies when you blink.

Time speeds up when we want it to slow down, and moves at a snail’s pace when we want it to go faster.

Time does nor want to be mastered…. but it already has!

I believe there was a moment that echoed as it stopped the clock- intersecting eternal time and human history when Jesus took His final breath, dying from the weight of all the sins committed over all the ages by all of humanity. Jesus mastered the clock, and in doing so, showed us how we can do the same.

When we follow God’s timing, we walk as Jesus did, and time flies as it follows the pulse of heaven.

to be continued tomorrow…..

One thought on “time flies?

  1. I was having an issue with time…how by this time I wanted this done and by that time I wanted that done. So when it wasn’t accomplished, it opened up the door for depression and bitterness. Ohhhhh…but to rest in knowing I’m not on my time, but all in God’s time. what a peace we have in our God! Thanks for this post!


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