where do I belong?

I am prone to wander.

Not so much physically, like an uprooting kind of trek, although I am known for loving to walk around town.

I love nothing more than to meander through a great book, join a story in progress in a movie, or read updates on Facebook at times to help me unwind (although I  am learning the value of a nap, and rest: the art of not doing).

In my virtual wanderings, I can lose track of time, or catch myself falling behind on what I need to be doing.

And even with today’s post, I have just started to wander off topic.

In my wanderings, I sometimes lose sight of where home is. Where I belong.

I learned over the years that I am not a normal person, a fact I choose to embrace now.  I need rootedness in order to thrive. Deep solid roots, seeking constant nourishment to grow….exploring without being uprooted.

I spent many years looking for home, before i realized what home really represents.

Home is not only a physical place, but ideally a place to always be welcome, safe, protected, loved up on unconditionally.

But with none of us perfect, our home lives on earth can be battlegrounds for many out there, or deserts to others. 

When home depends on people, we end up disappointed.

Home is where we are meant to live. Where we truly belong.

With our designer, redeemer, deliverer & the lover of our souls: God.

If you have lost sight of where true home is, and need a reminder to rekindle your desire to seek Him, please ready these lyrics, and get your heart ready by worshipping Him.

Your heart & voice were meant to constantly proclaim:

I belong to You
I belong to You.

Home is where our heart is.
Choosing to give ourselves into His hands, we find out true Home waiting for us:
Ready to remind you with His presence.
Ready to provide you both purpose.
Ready to reveal His heart back to you, as He sings His response:

You belong to Me
You belong to Me

May i find my true home in You, Lord, where i truly belong, as I hang up my wandering shoes.

Lyrics: I Belong to You

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