I just had a God-feeling. I try to pay attention to those.


Hearing His voice doesn’t always look like one would expect.

Take Moses for example.

Moses, the one who saw God’s face, and was visibly changed so all the Israelites knew it was him?
His father in law Jethro had to tell him to slow down and share the work load. You would think Moses might have heard that directly… but like us, maybe Moses was too wrapped up in his work to hear it.

Take Paul.

Well raised, gifted with education and position, Jesus had to get his attention by blinding him before Paul could hear His voice.

Take Joseph.

God spoke to Him through an angel in a dream, telling him his wife was expecting the Messiah, and then a second dream warning Joseph to take his family and make a run for it into Egypt.

A donkey speaking to Balaam.

A hurting woman drawing water from a well.

Coins in a fish, enough to pay Peter’s taxes.

Three rooster calls worth of denials, but I will build My church on you, Peter.

There have been many times where I have been surprised by the source God uses to speak to me.

A timely bible verse as I read the Word.
A song coming on the radio that exactly addresses a concern or is an answer to prayer.
A letter in the mail, email in my inbox and tweet of encouragement.

But sometimes it is a bible verse that comes to mind in the heat of the moment, when Holy Spirit speaks to us.

Jesus did so when the enemy tempted Him in the desert. He responded to each of the three temptations with the Word- even though He was fully God & fully man all in one.

If Jesus relied on His relationship with the Father & Holy Spirit for the right direction, help to stay the path ahead, words of knowledge & the words to speak, we can too.

Listen for His voice. As you ask Him to speak to you, don’t be surprised by the three results:

1. God will speak to you. He answers all who call our to Him, and ask for wisdom.

2. God’s reply may not look or sound like how you think His answer will come. Keep your eyes and ears open.

3. The counterfeit will try to sneak in past your defenses. If it doesn’t agree with the Word, it isn’t from Him. Meaning if you get a sense of doubt for any reason, wait and ask God to reveal whether it’s from him or not. One good indicator is its fruit. Like the snake in the garden, be wary of what sounds to good to be true if you have no sense of God in it.

Tuning in to God is a process. The dial may slip from time to time as you seek the right frequency, but as He is constant, you will be able to hear Him as He speaks to you. when you hear or sense a prompting, don’t be fearful. Be open for His answers to come, but cautious in confirming it by lining it up against the truth we do have, the Word, and Holy Spirit.

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