overtaken by grace again


So today the pain was throbbing…
the kink in my neck
flared down my back
and set me on edge.

Yet today the pain dimmed…
the ache in my hands
eased off my fingers
and let me feel peace.

Why yes to one
but not yet to another?

When not knowing tries to overwhelm me again,
in remind myself two things:

1. I cannot know all the mind of God, coz He isn’t me, and likely knowing even 1% of what He knows would fry my brain circuitry!

2. His grace is enough, again:
right here in this moment, this hour, this day.

When today’s storm
threatens to topple me,
His grace overtakes me
with new wind for my sails…
A new song for me to sing
about the same God who has,
is and always will be for me.

Not just for me to choose,
but on my side.
God cheers for me.
Proudly shows me off.
Enjoys my company.
Delights in me.

The timing of the psalms
I read each morning
for my devotional
has not been unplanned by You,
but rather used
to speak to me
daily on the need to know
for that day.

Thank You Lord
in Your mercy
it is always enough
for each new day.

As I struggle
with not knowing
the exact end to my pain,
I thank You that I
have the assurance
of no pain, no tears;
only joy, peace, love
when we meet
face to face
at the end of my time
here on earth
as You lead me
into eternity with You.

Not having any pain
would have been joy enough,
knowing I am welcome,
loved, nay adored,
by my King,
My Saviour
and drawn closer
by Holy Spirit
is like the icing
on my already perfect
without need of topping cake.

May He be all we need
each and every time
we turn to Him,
our Strength
our Shield
and our Source.

6 thoughts on “overtaken by grace again

  1. Karla, you wrote my heart! I have been dealing with chronic shoulder and arm pain and some days the pain is worse than what I can bare. I have a book I am in rewrite and there are days I cannot even think much less type and I wonder how this is all going to get done. Then on Saturday I came down with a horrible flu and I am like Lord, I don’t have time for this! Your blog was a beautiful reminder of His ways are not my ways. Thank you for your beautiful writing! #bloggercaregroup


    1. Aww, Beth, thanks for reminding me part of why we write is because we are not the only ones experiencing it… we all need to be reminded our Comforter is always present, even when we can’t feel or sense Him. I have a weird really early case of osteoarthritis which has kicked in due to a hormonal condition involving ovarian cysts which they can’t tame. You throw the four car accidents as a passenger & a more recent concussion in the mix, and some days I can hardly get out of bed too!

      God has been so faithful through the years, daily reminding me He is with and for us. I pray a heightened awareness of this part of His character for you, and peace He will direct your steps & work so it will all be done with His help!!


  2. Karla,
    I love your way with words. You have blessed me so… it was hard to choose which post to comment on. I too write as a dance of worship back to Him who saved me. (I loved your about page!)
    It is stunning to see the Saviors grace at work in those around us, and friend, His beauty surrounds you. I’m really glad to have “met” you through the blogger care group and hope to connect more in the days to come!
    May the God of all peace surround you today and fill you with a rest and a peace that only He can bring.


  3. So pleased to meet you via the blogger care group. I have very rare blood disease and struggle with chronic pain as well as fatigue. As a missionary momma of 6 this makes life difficult. Iso fel you when you wrote this. Praying for you. God bless you.


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