preparing the way- Mark

The gospel of Mark is an interesting one.

The story of Jesus’ birth isn’t recorded by Mark.  Go figure. I make a plan to look at the four gospels to look at the Christmas story to find it isn’t all in all of them.

But…the opening of Mark does record a preparation based upon the two miracle babies born that year….cousins John and Jesus.
(the story of John the Baptist is recorded in Luke’s gospel, which is on the agenda for tomorrow).

John’s mission ( if we read the first half of John 1) was to prepare the way for Jesus. To announce God had come in flesh to His people. That we could have changed lives as a result of putting our faith in Him.

Not only did John baptize many in the Jordan river, he also baptized Jesus!

That in itself might be a little jolting, baptizing your cousin who you know is God-come-down, but what followed next is the most important point…

God spoke over Jesus the moment he came out of the water and the Spirit came down to rest on him looking like a dove:

You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.

Now I am pretty sure Jesus knew why He came to earth…it was His plan to make the way for us to be reunited with God. All God’s preparations throughout human history lined up for Jesus to come on the exact day & time that he arrived.

You could say, God is the best event planner ever!

The main lesson for me, for you, today?

God may use someone else to help pave the way for you/me to become who He has prepared for you/me to be.

John came to be, so He could fulfill His purpose and point the way to Jesus.


I can hardly wait to see what Luke has written tomorrow!



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