Adventures in Advent- week 1 in review

Over this past first week of Advent, I have come to realize I am needing both more time to prepare, and more time to rest.

More time to prepare my heart to hear what He wants to say to me through the Word.

More time to just rest and be.

And the two are related.

The more I rest in His Presence, the more prepared I am to hear what He has to say.

The more I hear His voice, the more I want to spend time in His Presence.

Preparing to rest
leads us to rest prepared.

A strange side effect occurs when we do so.

The more time we spend with Him preparing ourselves to hear from Him, the better we tend to use our time. 

Which means resting in Him leads to better preparation, making more time for us to be able to spend more time in Him, etc.

Today, I spent more time resting in Him, and relaxing with family & a few friends.

And I feel better prepared for my week ahead as a result.

Will I have less to do?


Will I be more at rest as I do it?


Preparing the way for God to move in us means we have to move to the side, and allow Him the space to move in more fully.

The more full of Him I am, the more I can rest in Him.

As I head for my slumber tonight, I find myself more at peace, restful despite my full day.

I believe I am making more space for His grace to move in, and He is delighted with my choice to rest, to nestle in closer to Him.

As Advent continues, may you too tune in to hear His voice, and seek more time with Him.

In place of anxiety, peace.
In place of insomnia, restful sleep.
In place of worry, calm.
In place of stress, joy.
In place of doubt, expectation.

Advent reminds us God has done all the prep work for us, our part is our response.

Tomorrow, we will look at a key player in the Advent story, and their response.

I can hardly wait!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Advent- week 1 in review

    • hopeinhispresence December 8, 2014 / 4:57 pm

      I agree Dianna. I think resting in Him is way more important than we can actually fathom in the heavenlies. I pray He continues to draw us closer and give us the rest we all so desperately are needing! Bless you!


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