do I trust You?

Lord who created all things
across the heavens
and here on the earth,
You designed all
to connect with You.
To place their trust in You:
each seed that needs sun & rain
every heart in rhythmic beat
each creature looking for food, refuge & shelter.

You alone are 100% trustworthy,
You alone were there
from the beginning
You alone will be with us
through time
into eternity.

You have performed
many miracles for Your people
over the course of human history
yet none so miraculous
as compressing Yourself
into flesh & blood
and arriving in
the traditional way
among us.

The fact You love us
that much
shouts how amazing
You are.
That You have never
broken Your promises
shines with how trustworthy
You are.

As Advent draws closer and closer, may we draw comfort
and joy from the story of
God with us…
His Story.
History planned out
for our benefit
according to His great love
for us.


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