when finding your place in this world is awkward

The Christmas story is filled with awkward.

What else would you expect from a family tree which includes a prostitute, foreigners, broken relationships, wars, and a king or two…

A story with key people whose dreams came true, but in ways they didn’t anticipate:

Zechariah & Elizabeth having John in their later years.  Not arriving in their youth as they would have thought. Then they failed to name him according to tradition, as if the miracle baby needed even more attention….

Joseph got the girl of His dreams- who surprise! came already with child. An unexpected instant family.

Mary made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. So not the traditional way.

The Romans calling a census, so it was likely Mary would not be home with her family or midwife to have her baby.

Three angelic sightings – each sharing awkwardly good news with the hearer:

Your dream is coming true,
but its gonna look like this!

We are all hardwired…

…to want to belong.
…to feel loved.
…to know that we matter.

I believe God hardwired us this way on purpose.

Then He drops our deepest desire into our hearts.  And once we figure out what that is, we want nothing more than to see it fulfilled.

The same can be said of God.

He wants to fulfill the God-given desires and dreams He has given us.

But He is going to fill them how He knows they will be the best gift possible- His way.

Because God knew the timeline for the Christmas story, each part was layered to be great on its own, but fantastic when out together.

Tonight, I make the choice to see the big picture instead of my limited view. Believing that God has it all under control, when all I can see is in pieces and awkward!

God with us, despite our messiness.

Guiding us through as we place ourselves in His capable hands.

Just like Mary & Joseph, Zechariah & Elizabeth, trusting He is going to do something amazing with the little we have to offer Him!

#AdventuresinAdvent continue…

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