when life unexpectedly happens

Tonight, I will be very brief.

My daughter had a serious reaction from an unexpected exposure to something she is very allergic to, even by smell.

We were touch and go heading to the ER.

Yesterday, she & I both felt prompted to refill a specialty allergy medication we were running low on, despite the fact we were all tired and ready to head home.

I don’t think that prompt was an accident.  I believe God told both of us so we would be prepared for today.

Suffice to say, we are home, she is resting comfortably, and I am very thankful the medication worked swiftly.

When life hits you with an unexpected twist, you have two choices.

React or Respond.

Reacting is a fight or flight mechanism, which usually is 100% adrenaline based.

Responding means you have taken the time to process what is before you, and act accordingly.

With allergic reactions, I have had to learn to bypass the reacting phase and respond.

My response to my daughter was immediate, my reaction to the person who triggered it was mainly reaction.

The cause was not deliberate, but the person knew better.

Until today, most people I talk to (unless they are fellow tea nuts) do not know that bergamot is a citrus essential oil, a combo of orange & tangerine, and very potent.  It is the smell of Earl Grey tea, which is how most people know it.  My daughter reacts to the concentrated smell of all citrus, so this was a doozy of a reaction, and I was about 10 minutes away from using her epipen before speeding to the ER 10 minutes from home.

The point is: I didn’t exactly show grace in my reaction.  I stayed calm & cool with my daughter & briefly raged at the stunned culprit as we headed for safety.

A few hours later, a genuine apology was made, and some misunderstandings about allergies were cleared up.

And God reminded me that I always have two choices with every unexpected twist.

I can let it immediately push my buttons, or push past it to the other side.

I too needed to apologize, and did so.

Our decisions matter, we had learned at church this morning, and they have a way of spreading out like ripples or waves on water.
A small action can have huge repercussions.

I will be back to finishing off my #TheWhenSeries the rest of this week, but felt i need to share this  WHEN life happens unexpectedly moment today.

Knowing God was with me as we deal with this helped make all the difference in the long run.

Next time, I will bypass my reaction to pause, pray and respond with His grace, His exactly what I need for every situation help that comes when we earnestly seek Him first. Wait to hear what He wants us to do or say, then follow through.


4 thoughts on “when life unexpectedly happens”

  1. Thankful everything worked out in a positive way. thank you for this reminder that sometimes we don’t react the right way and it’s ok to go back and apologize.

    life is full of ups, downs and lots of curve balls. apologies are necessary but when our days are filled with love, care and joy it makes those difficult times a bit easier.

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    1. Thanks Marie. I am trying to learn my lessons thr first tjme, ask God what or where i need to improve, change and repent of, and movr forward with grace & forgiveness. I am not where He wants me to be yet, but i am willing to be shaped as He leads. Blessings!


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