hope in His presence

Only the forgiven and loved can help others be forgiven and loved. Only the free can free others. Don’t be talented, be free. Write on, friend.

Those words jolted me wide eyed and bush tailed right out of a lull the other day.

And I realized something about myself.

Its not my talent that makes me any different from anyone else.

Because we are all talented.

Its not my looks that separates me from the crowd.

What a giggle writing that line was. I am a normal gal with the same issues other gals wrestle with: post deliveries, post injuries, post 40 🙂

Its not my voice, sung or written, that attracts people to me.

Its the message of freedom God has given me to share.

To sing hope into the spirits of those who are broken, hurting and lonely.

To write hope for those who need the reminder, or need to hear the truth for the first time.

Freedom is waiting for all who pursue Him.

After one particularly hard season of being broken down and painfully rebuilt, God impressed on my heart that HOPE is now a part of me.

Like an identifying factor, I am recognized for the hope I have.

The hope that grows when I am in His presence.

The hope I hope I share when I communicate.

The hope i hold dear in my heart.

The hope I walk in each day.

I am free.

And God’s not finished with me yet.

I know the hope I have.

Do you?

(Quote from: You Don’t Need More Time)

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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