The part of the Prodigal son story that really got me in the gut?

The fact the son knew the Father would take him back in.

Now, I know he missed exactly how much his father loved him under the weight of his shame, but he still knew he had a place with God.

So do you and I.

God gets that we will sometimes stray, wander & journey far. He intimately knows each of us, and as our Creator He knew this would be an lasting impact from the fall.

But He never stops waiting for us to come home.

Wherever your journey takes you today, He both waits and keeps watch over you.

His love is radiating out His eyes as He follows your steps.

His heart beats loudly as it yearns for your return.

He doesn’t have servanthood in store for you, but sonship.

He will restore the damages done as you wandered, pilgrim.

Wherever your feet may have strayed.

Come home.

4 thoughts on “open arms await at the end of your journey home

  1. expectantlylistening says:

    It is such a special story. A few months ago as i was researching it deeper for Sunday School I found it also called The Loving Father, which I think is lovely.


    1. I agree, there is more going on beneath the surface to this story…which is appropriate considering how awesomely complex our Father is :). Thanks for dropping by & encouraging me with your words this am!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alecia says:

    Our preacher on Sunday used the prodigal son story in his outline. Until recently I don’t think I ever gave the story much thought. And the more I thought about it the more I could see myself being like the older son, whining and saying, “What about me?”

    Dropping in from #bloggercaregroup, nice to meet you!


    1. Hey Alecia, I can relate to the older brother feeling as well at times! Very thankful that He loves us so, whether we wander or whine :). Thanks for dropping by!


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