Sunday Psalm: Your Love, O Lord

Your love oh Lord
reaches to the heavens,
Your faithfulness
to the skies.

Third Day


Your love God
is breathtaking.
Out of Your love
the world was created,
to serve as ground
for the love-images
You planned to live there.

With exquisite artistry
each of us was lovingly
hand crafted
in Your image,
flesh upon bone
encompassing the spirit spark
within us all.

Not content with just making us,
You desired relationship with us.
To walk with us,
commune with us,
allowing us
to glimpse Your heart
as You well knew ours
from the start.

When we turned away,
the Love You have for us
swelled to greater heights
as You tried to woo us back
with Your words,
breaking us out of the
prisons of our own makings.

When we failed to respond
to Your words of love,
You sprang into action,
revealing Your heart,
for us from the start,
and Word became flesh
as Your heart walked amongst us.

And because that amazing fact
still wasn’t enough,
You lavishly poured Your heart
and Your very life
on the cross
in one time altering moment
of history & eternity colliding
to show Your love
for us all,
for me.

Your love Lord,
reached out across
heaven & earth
and moved
right into my heart.

I will never stop singing
of this Love that came down
& rescued me.
This Love which never fails,
never gives up,
and never runs out,


Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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