Sunday Psalm: How Long?

I come
to worship You
again this morning,
feeling increasingly
weary and heavy laden
as I draw close
to Your throne.
Its in Your presence
that I realize
all I have been dragging around
within and behind me.

Your love doesn’t just stop
at making me Yours,
You long for me
to continuously be set free
into the full newness
of all You have for me.

Your love keeps wooing,
drawing me in
until my heart softens
from the overflow
and lets go
of the burden
weighing me down.

I cry “Freedom”
with no holds barred
as I look into
Your eyes
that burn with adoration
for me,
and within that split second
of time
& break the chains
once and for all.

All You have for me
is my heart’s desire.

I don’t fully grasp
what that looks like, God.

How long until I am fully free?

The better question,
how long until I accept & fully walk in the freedom I have?

I will never stop running
to You, Lord
as You never stop singing
Your love over me
and inviting me Home.



Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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