resting in the moment with God

This Monday, I did something completely different.

I have a piece posting to a different website today, and I am inviting you to drop in and read how to find rest in the moment throughout your busy days.

There are a few tips & suggestions for those of us who need a jumping off point to add more rest for our souls into our daily life.

This is an area very close to my heart, as I have, like most of you, a very busy schedule but want to make God my priority and experience the rest He has for me, each and every day.

Like our bodies, our souls were designed for rest. The kind of rest where we are setting aside our usual busyness to spend time listening, praying and being with Him. Purposefully showing God He is our first priority for a period of time.

I would be blessed if you would visit Christian Women at Work, a Canadian site with practical tips for becoming who we were meant to be in God, whether at work or at rest. Bonny O’Hare is a phenomenal business woman who exemplifies a God seeker wherever she is.


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